Extreme tour

Extreme tour

Extreme tour represents a combination of different types of extreme recreation. People always strive to get new emotions that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, routine type of rest is no longer interesting to people, everyone is trying to discover something new and fresh. If you are among such people, then extreme tour is what you need. 

Extreme tour - what does it include:

Our hotel offers Extreme tour, which consists of the following:

Rafting - is a kind of extreme entertainment, when a group of 6-8 people using a special boat and appropriate equipment, descends the mountains, stormy flowing river from point A to point B. The most important aspect of this crazy journey is the ability to work in teams and help each other out. All the necessary equipment will be distributed by the organizers.

Extreme rope road - The road consists of 28 paths. To pass it, participants at a certain height, need to use special hoops, ropes and other auxiliary objects that are built into the obstacles. Along the way, participants will need to use zipline twice (a rope that connects one shore / side to another.)

Paragliding - How often do you think about how awesome would it be to feel free like a bird that looks down to our beautiful world? For those who wish to feel it, we have included paragliding to our extreme tour that will boil your blood to 100 degrees. Our partners pay a huge attention to safety. That is why they constantly monitor the forecast and do not fly in bad weather. This guarantees you 100% accident insurance.

Quadricycle tour - A group of 10 people, together with the team leader, go to the lake near Gudauri using the quadricycles. Relief terrain will not give you a moment to relax, and the nature around will give you fresh breath of air, freedom and motivation.

Horse riding - In the past, horse was the only mean of transportation. Along with developed technologies, the importance of this kind of transportation has dropped. However, in some villages and areas, it is still used as the primary transportation method. Horse riding tour includes training as well as a 4-hour walk through the beautiful terrain of the mountainous region of Georgia.


Extreme tour - program

Day 1 - Airport transfer, check-in, welcome wine, dinner at the hotel.

Extreme tour begins with maximum comfort! Checking in takes place at the four-star Jazz Hotel that lets guests taste Georgian wine and try delicious dinner.

All 44 rooms of the hotel stand out for their spaciousness and maximal comfort. Every room has the bathroom essentials, hair dryer, TV, refrigerator, balcony. Stay Includes the most delicious buffet-type breakfast in the large dining room. On the 6th floor veranda is located with its beautiful view of the city.

Day 2 - Rafting and extreme rope road, masterclass in Cooking Georgian dishes, lunch in the restaurant.

In the morning after breakfast, guests head to a mountainous area called Pshavi, to a specially equipped park where rafting and extreme paths with medium difficulty will be held. Masterclass in cooking khinkali, Georgian bread, eggplant and dishes called "chikmeruli." At the end of the master class, participants will go to the restaurant, where they can taste different dishes (including ones cooked by them) and taste Georgian wine. Later group returns to Tbilisi, where guests will have free evening.

Day 3 - trip to Gudauri for paragliding, quadricycle tour, restaurant, return to Tbilisi.

The 3rd day of our extreme tour is probably the most interesting. There are several reasons for this:

  • Along the way, participants will see the true Georgian beauty, in all its aspects.
  • Paragliding will give you the sea of emotions, will get unforgettable experience and memories of flying over the mighty rocks.
  • Lake that we will visit by quadricycle ride, is incredibly beautiful and unforgettable.


Day 4 - Horse Riding

After having Breakfast at the hotel, you will go 100 km away from Tbilisi, in The Trialeti Plain, the village of Gvevi. After a detailed training to learn how to ride, the actual horse riding begins that will take 4-6 hours. Tour includes lunch and dinner at the restaurant. You will learn the basic principles of the riding and will be able to safely control the horse on your own. Russian and English-speaking guides will make sure you are having a good time. Upon completing the tour we will return to Tbilisi.


Day 5 - Completion of the extreme tour: breakfast, departure from the hotel, transfer

This is the final stage of our extreme tour. Jazz hotel team will make sure you have safe and sound transfer to the airport.

In case you booked your tickets for a longer time than the duration of the extreme tour, we are ready to extend your hotel stay and offer you a wide variety of other tours.


Price of the extreme tour and conditions

The price of the extreme tour per person - $610. The minimum number of participants is 10. In addition to the above mentioned services, the price includes: transfers, 4 breakfasts, 1 dinner, 2 lunches, 1 lunch.