Corporate tour

A corporate tour is an excellent solution for those who want to rally their team or just spend time with like-minded people. Better colleagues know each other, more time they spend in an informal setting, easier it is for them to cooperate and perform the tasks that the company needs.

That is why our aim is to offer you maximally individualized corporate tours.

Corporate tours - what we offer (program)

After a preliminary discussion of all the details, we are ready to offer you the following:

  • Check-in at the 4-star hotel
  • A conference room with all the necessary equipment (microphone, board, projector, notebooks, pens, water, soda, tea/coffee, etc.)
  • Transfers in any direction, at any time of the day
  • Standard tours (3-day, 6-day, 9-day tours to different parts of Georgia)
  • Extreme tours (a very good addition to the corporate tour, as extreme entertainment, will give your colleagues maximum drive and emotions)
  • Organization of corporate evenings, parties, etc.
  • Restaurants with show program (gala dinner)
  • Business excursions to various industries

корпоративный тур


Corporate Tour Prices

Corporate tour prices are always different. They depend on the set of activities that you choose. Regardless of what you stop at, our staff will organize everything according to the highest standards. In the case of a group of 15 people or more, we can make an extra discount on accommodation in our hotel.